• Figs and seasoning

    Figs and seasoning

    The figs digestion one's best friend!


The meeting of the mediterranean tradition with the needs of the XXI. century

The Higosano Manufacture started it’s activity in 2015 at La Cala del Moral, on the Costa de Sol. Our main profile is to produce healthy, modern foods with dried figs. Our main ingredient is spanish, from Badajoz and Cáceres, pajaritos type, chemicalfree, sun-dried fig.

In Spain there is hundreds of years of tradition of the prdouction and the consumption of the figbread. Usually flavored with anis, licor, almonds and turned into sesame seeds. The consumption of the traditional fibread is completly fulfill the requirements of the healthy lifestyle, so with its modernization and with flavours closer to the general favour we would like to make popular across Europe this very healthy and tasty fruit.

For our different types of figdesserts we use exceptionally added sugar and preservative free, natural ingredientes, spices – cacao, coco, ginger, cinnamon, white sesameseed, menta- and dried fruits – dried plums, dried apricots. Because we don’t use heat-treatment so our figdesserts outside of the gluten- and lactosefree diet, paleo diet can be used in the vegan lifestyle too.

Our manufactory produces relativly broad scale of the little series products. Beside our improvements we are very open for experimenting any flavour or form by the wish of our partners.